Great Bathroom Ideas For Creating a More Spa Like Experience

If you are looking for some great bathroom design ideas, you might want to consider taking a few steps to create a spa like experience in your bathroom. There are several bathroom remodeling ideas you can implement to help create the spa like experience you are looking for, while also designing a fully functional and attractive bathroom.

Choosing the Right Shower

The shower is one of the most important features to consider when embarking upon a bathroom remodeling project. By adding a steam shower, you can express your individual style while also enjoying the benefits a steam shower has to offer. Some of these benefits include…

* Soothing and relaxing your tense muscles
* Helping you sleep better
* Getting temporary relief from sore joints and arthritis
* Opening the pores in your skin to get rid of toxins
* Healing dry skin

There truly is nothing better than a relaxing steam shower after a long day at work to help you relax for the evening. With so many benefits associated with steam showers, it is no surprise that creating a spa like experience is quickly becoming one of the most popular bathroom ideas among homeowners who are remodeling their bathrooms.

Controlling it All from One Central Point

In addition to installing a steam shower that compliments your personal style and taste, you will also want to include a control panel in your shower. By doing so, you will be able to adjust the temperature of your steam shower and obtain the perfect environment for relaxation.

Most control panels allow the user to adjust the steam shower from 90 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, control panels allow you to set up a steam session for a variety of durations, with most allowing for up to 60 minute steam sessions. By setting up your steam shower with one of these control panels, you don’t have to worry about making adjustments as you steam – just sit back and relax!

Making Installation Easy

One of the best parts about including a steam shower in your bathroom remodeling plans is the fact that they are easy to install and do not take up more space than a conventional shower.

In addition, when you decide to create a spa like experience in your bathroom, it opens up other possible bathroom ideas that can be explored. For example, you might want to include a multi-head shower with the ability to provide you with a full back massage. Or, you may include a whirlpool bath. You can even choose to equip your shower with a radio or a telephone.

Inspirational Bathroom Remodelling on a Budget

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, many people think that being on a budget doesn’t allow being innovative or creative. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can have a truly inspired bathroom and maintain your budget if you can only get a little creative.

When you’re planning to update your old bathroom, it’s a good idea to list your bathroom ideas first so you have a clear cut idea of what you want your bathroom to become. The better you plan in the beginning, the less chance you’ll waste a lot of money changing your mind during the process, or at the end because you don’t like the outcome. At the outset, make sure you have a clear idea of the things that you want to put in your bathroom.

Bathrooms, like kitchens go out of style. What was popular in terms of appliances and fixtures even ten years ago can seem dated today. This is one of the main reasons why people want to remodel their bathrooms as frequently as they do. An up-to-date, well designed bathroom gives the whole house a modern, functional feel and adds both living value and price value to the home.

With any creative project, bathroom remodelling included, it’s good to have an “anything goes” phase at the outset when any idea is up for grabs with no consideration for cost or practicality. Start making a list and don’t hold back. If double sinks sounds good, write it down. Steam room? Why not? If a friend suggests a Roman tub and that sounds good to you, write it down.

Not everyone has an easy time imagining a great bathroom. If imagination is not your strong suit, don’t worry. You can get great bathroom ideas from magazines and on the internet. Many people have very clear ideas of spectacular bathrooms. You can just borrow from them, and then incorporate some of your own embellishment. Start a file of pictures from magazines.

Once you’ve gotten all your ideas out of your head and onto paper, it’s time to narrow down the options. Start to think about which innovative ideas are most important to you. Chances are you can’t do everything on your list.

One option is to consider giving yourself one idea from your list as a treat (maybe that Jacuzzi tub?). Another option is to apply the creative ideas you’ve written down, and get even more creative and use cheaper materials. For example, if you want a Mediterranean look and style, do some research. A hint of the right colors here, the right textures there and some careful online shopping for inexpensive faucets can give you the look and feel you want without the cost.

For some people, cost is not a limiting factor. For those folks who can afford help from bathroom designers, pricey architects and contractors, more power to them. For the rest of us, we’re not limited to cheap form and function. There is no reason why we can’t have a new and inspired bathroom. With a little work and a lot of creativity, it can be done.

Looking for Endless Master Bathroom Ideas

There are endless luxuries that can be added to your master bathroom through a design or remodeling project today! Remodeling or designing your master bath into something unique and beautiful can easily set your home apart from others in the area. Here are some topics to focus on when developing a master bathroom:

  • Light Fixtures: Deciding what kinds of fixtures you want and where you want them placed is a very important design decision that you have to make when lighting your bathroom. Dimmer switches and heat light fixtures are two particular additions that you should consider adding to your light fixture list because of their usefulness.
  • Flooring: There are many choices in flooring material that can be laid out in a bathroom. Tile, granite, linoleum are three popular options but there are many other choices besides those that you can use to personalize the bathroom.
  • Sink Countertops: Sink countertops endure a lot of use overtime and finding the appropriate material for your countertop is important because of that. This should be designed along with your cabinet and shelving in the process of coming up with your master bathroom ideas.
  • Shower Glass Door vs. No Door: Deciding whether you want an enclosed shower with a door or an open shower that requires a curtain is an option many encounter as well.
  • Cabinets & Shelves: Allow your master bathroom to have more space for personal storage through creative cabinet layouts and more drawer space. Picking out the material that your cabinet and shelves are made from is also important when creating a more unique bathroom to your liking.
  • Luxurious Bath Tub: Make it so that your master bathroom feels like a spa every time you take a bath by installing a jetted or deep soaking-style tub. While homeowners enjoy oversized tubs for their comfort and special features, such tubs carry the added bonus of increasing the home’s resale value.
  • Fogless Mirror: Eliminate the annoyance of exiting your daily hot shower and having to wait for your bathroom mirror to de-fog.
  • Windows: Adding in a bay window to look out of from your sunken tub can bring beauty to any master bath. Skylight installation is a nice way to bring in natural sunlight and allow your bathroom to be more energy efficient.
  • Vanities: Whether you want a single or shared vanity is your decision!

The ideas above are just a few features to think about when considering your master bathroom ideas, but the possibilities don’t end there.

Taking your ideas for a remodeled bathroom and making them a reality not only guarantees that you’ll be happy with the newfound leisure that your remodel brings, but the value of your home will go up because of your luxurious new bathroom too! Don’t delay!