Creative Small Bathroom Ideas for Homeowners

Everyone would like to have a large bathroom with a comfortable bathtub, elegant furniture, spacious bath vanity and some other accessories. Unfortunately, not everyone has a sufficiently spacious room to develop their dream bathroom. If you are one of many homeowners who have limited space for a bathroom, then you need to do some tricks to make it appear more spacious. A small bathroom should motivate you to find creative ideas to make the room look larger. In order to achieve that purpose, you need to consider some aspects such color scheme, lighting, storage needs, etc.

The key to design a small bathroom is not to add too many decorative items. Here are some creative ideas you can apply to your small bathroom:

    1. The most common trick to make a small room seem more spacious is by using light and warm color shades. Light and pale shades like white, soft pink, pale yellow or light brown are ideal to use. You can use these colors for the wall and ceiling.
    1. Another common trick is to use mirrors to create reflections. The use of mirrors will create an illusion of a more spacious bathroom. You can put two mirrors on opposite walls or mirrored medicine cabinets to achieve that purpose.
    1. For lighting, it is recommended to use pendant lights or recessed lighting. These types of lights are more practical than a large centrally mounted lighting fixture.
    1. If you want to add wallpaper, choose one with small, unobtrusive patterns and neutral shades.
    1. Most small bathrooms are not able to accommodate a full sized bathtub. To overcome this problem, you can select a standard shower stall. Glass shower stalls can give a contemporary and stylish look. If you use a shower curtain, a clear curtain would be an ideal choice. This curtain allows the light to penetrate your shower space.
    1. Small bathrooms don’t have space for storage. This condition requires you to find creative solutions to reduce the clutter. To save the space, you can install adjustable glass shelves above the toilet. You don’t need a large vanity for your narrow space. Instead, you can have a tall but narrow cabinet. If you insist to install a vanity, you can choose a wall-mounted bath vanity with drawers. Such a vanity would be ideally placed in the corner.
    1. For toilet, a round style is more suitable than an elongated one.
  1. Your decorative elements should be minimum yet effective in the narrow space. Some bathroom accessories you can add are bath rug, toilet seat cover, curtain hooks, soap dispenser, etc. To avoid clutter, keep in mind not to add too many items.

Designing a small bathroom is not a difficult task to do. As long as you know the tricks, making your bathroom look larger can be very easy. Light colored wall, mirrors and simple storage are the key to a successful resulting design.