Black & White Flooring & Bathroom Ideas

Black & white is a popular flooring combination today. These colors are so often overlooked but are so unique. You will find these colors everywhere from linens to home furnishings to flooring. As a matter of fact, in most homes it is hard to avoid seeing these colors. Most commonly they are found in restrooms and all over the home as a flooring option.

For one thing, the color scheme has been around for centuries. This decorating strategy adds a stunning combination. Black can ground a room and also adds sophistication. It’s basically a designer’s rule of adding a little bit to every room to create drama. Just visualize it. It would actually make everything else stand out while it stands out on its own. There are not too many other colors out there that can offer this effect.

One extremely popular location for these colors is in the restroom / bathroom. Renovating a master bath with a bright white bathtub or a solid black shower enclosure screams beauty. Add a touch of both throughout the room on things like bath and hand towels, or maybe on the light fixtures and you now have a classy looking soothing restroom.

Going from one extreme to another may look good to some. If it does not to you then you can blend these colors a tad bit to lesson the contrast. You will also end up with another color being the gray that appears. Some of the most beautiful shower designs include the bottom of shower walls in solid black and as you look up, the color changes towards a gray, which then turns to bright white. This works because showers collect the majority of their dirt at the lower part of the shower walls. The black hides this.

If you like this color combination and it makes you feel good then you will really want to try it on your flooring. All day long as you move throughout your home you will be able to enjoy a masterpiece. It doesn’t even matter what type of pattern or design you go with. What will stick out is going to be the dark coloring and bright white. The pattern or design you choose will add to your aesthetic needs.

Black and white flooring is always a great option if you are stumped and don’t know what color scheme suits you best. It will be bold, but mostly unique in that it is not a color combination that is found throughout most homes. This flooring option on its own will make a statement but at the same time it will make your other decor stand out beautifully. This flooring type is for the bold homeowner. If you consider you decoration style as that of common, then this will probably be too radical for you. However, if you are looking for an intelligent look, bold clean appearance, and a one of a kind floor, then consider a flooring of this type.